HOTER PERFECT -Instant Water Heater

Perfect water heater


Under Sink Instillation

Instant water heater under sink instillation

PERFECT Shower & Sink

Instant water heater for sink and Shower

   HOTER-Perfect water heater is redefining how homeowners throughout the world heat their water.

  HOTER-PERFECT comes with a wide range of controllers Specially design to allow client operating comfort.

  HOTER Perfect provides endless hot water!

  Saves energy and saves space. This innovative water heater is available in 4 different classes for up to 5.5KW Shower kit or sink kit.


Temp and flow control Setting Four or on/off  power Setting Temperature Setting Neon Power indication
Perfect-TS water heater Perfect-S water heater Perfect-T water heater Perfect-P water heater


  Safety thermostat to avoid overheating and scaling.

  Built-in  water filter at the inlet to the heater !

  Very easy Installation !

  Top Left and right cable entry !

  Water connection -15mm/0.5 BSP !

  Perfect water heater colors is available in white,    silver and violet!

  Perfect water Heater has an option for pressure relief   Valve !

  Accessories available: Shower kit, Sink kit and combined kit !

  Product Dimensions:  L-185mm, H-225mm, D-85mm !

  Packing Box Dimensions: L-235mm, H-265mm, D-95mm!

  3,900 water heaters unit fill a 20ft container and 8000 unit fill 40ft. container.

  Warranty -These Tank less Water Heaters  sized for most homes and small businesses and have a 2-year warranty when installed professionally.

   Installation HOTER Perfect is quick and easy.

  HOTTER Perfect water heater supplies unlimited continuous hot water for all your household or office needs.

Wholesalers are invited to contact us to inquire our attractive offering, we promise that you will not be disappointed.


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